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"Our rovings, fleeces and fibres come from small herds, from sustainable husbandry." Sustainable sheep farming – that means agriculture in harmony with nature. The herds are in the fresh air all year round. On lush pastures that provide the perfect food with fresh grass, clover and herbs. This is the only way to create the fine and soft wool!"


"the wool trade company from Erkelenz-Holzweiler"

Sale of merino wool roving, Nordic comb wool, wool fleece, wool felt, felt accessories (Spinning wheels, looms and carding machines including spare parts)

"Quality and a Responsible Choice"

"Here in the north of Europe, there are many breeds of sheep in all natural colours. The rovings are made from the finest virgin wool that are Ökotex100 and EU Ecolabel certified. For example, from Bentheimer, Coburger to Pomeranian country sheep and Valais to Skudde and Jakobsschaf! These beautiful sheep breeds give us a new wool mix that is fluffy and voluminous.

Silk, Tussahsilk Roving, Wild Silk, Russet

Tussahsilk, Wild Silk from Japan

The finest Tussahsilk in beautifull colours by Woll-Keulen